Selected Print and Online Media Coverage

ABC News
The bald truth about CEOs

Allure Magazine
Looking Successful

American Bar Association (ABA) Journal
Study Finds Link Between Law Firm Profitability and Managing Partners with Powerful Faces

The Atlantic
Testing Gaydar
Can you spot a Republican (or a Democrat) just by looking at one?

The Boston Globe
Something in the Way He Moves
Tough luck for women in science
What makes people gay? (An update)

Canadian Lawyer
Pictures and profits

Our brains see black men as bigger, stronger than white men of same size: study

CBS News
How much weight do you have to lose before people notice?

The Chronicle of Higher Education
The Keys to Success?

Study: We think black men are bigger than white men (even when they're not)

Ovulating women better at spotting straight men: study

The Economist
Physiognomy and Success
Looks could kill

Financial Post
Good looks can get you that job, promotion and raise

The Leonardio DiCaprio Factor? Study finds wider-faced men are better negotiators

Here's exactly when people will notice that you've lost weight

The Globe and Mail
The sixth sense: Do women really have 'gaydar'?

Hartford Courant
Turn On The 'Gaydar'

Huffington Post
How's your "gaydar"?
How to make the perfect first impression (according to science)
Want to make a good impression? Try this trick
Does losing weight make you more attractive?

The Independent
Young black men perceived as bigger, stronger and more dangerous than white men, study finds

LA Times
People overestimate the size of black men, perceive them as more threatening than white men, study finds

Maclean's Magazine
The chiselled features of a good CEO
The look of leadership
Ovulating women have better "gaydar"

Men's Health
Weight loss—The key to attractiveness?

Metro (Toronto)
Non-profit leaders more teddy bears than sharks, says U of T study

Miller-McCune Magazine
The Right Face for a Whig
Women's 'gaydar' improves during ovulation

National Post
Should Tinder selfies come with an 'object may have been manipulated' warning?

National Public Radio
In Court, Your Face Could Determine Your Fate

NBC News
'Babyface' look can help black CEOs, study says

New York Daily News
Black men viewed as larger, more dangerous than white men of same size, study says

New York Post
GOP and Dems faceoff

The New York Times
Your Politics are Written all Over Your Face
The Science of 'Gaydar'

Pacific Standard
The 30 top thinkers under 30: The studies of faces with a few tricks that will make you look more attractive
People see black men as larger and stronger than white men—even when they're not, study says

Popular Science
The Science of Gaydar: How Ovulation and Sexy Stores Sharpen Sexual Perception

Psychology Today
You only get once chance
What your face really reveals about you

Reader's Digest
13 Things You Should Know About First Impressions

Science Magazine
An Eye for Sexual Orientation

Scientific American
There's Something Queer about That Face
A face for politics: New study shows we can tell Democrats from Republicans in head shots
Do Selfies Make you Look Bad?

Read my lisp

Sports Illustrated
Handsome is as Handsome Does

Time Magazine
Can Looks Predict a Successful CEO?
Is He Gay? Ovulating Women Can Tell

The Times (London)
Can you put a face to the boss?

The Toronto Star
Women have better gaydar when ovulating: U of T study
'Gaydar' works—and conservatives have more of it, says U of T researcher
The price of a prettier face? Maybe 14 pounds
Black men perceived as more threatening, expert tells Andrew Loku inquest

USA Today
It's written all over their faces

UTNE Reader
Judging Republicans and Democrats by their Faces

Voice of America
Republican Looks Win GOP Votes for Democrats

Study: people see black men as larger and more threatening than similarly sized white men

The Wall Street Journal
The Curse of an Untrustworthy-Looking face
The Faces of Charity and Profit

The Washington Post
How a CEO's face could predict his success
People see black men as larger and stronger than white men—even when they're not, study says

Yahoo! Finance
'Powerful' faces not as successful in non-profit sector: study

Selected Radio and Television Coverage

ABC news, Cleveland
Tamir Rice case connected to study showing black men are perceived as stronger, more threatening

Black men perceived as larger and more dangerous

The Emily Rooney Show, WGBH Boston

Lie to Me (Fox TV fictional drama)
Season 1, "The Better Half"

WKSU (Kent State University radio)
Perceptions of black men as bigger, more menacing than whites surface in a new study